Heartwheel Journal

9 09 2008

I have been enjoying my Heartwheel journal after downloading them a few days ago and I thought of sharing this wonderful product here.

What is it actually?

It’s actually a 30 days journal tracking your progress as you work towards getting your heart closer to Allah. And Ramadhan is definitely an excellent moths to start.

I really like the quote written on the website. ‘That which is measured improves’. It is very true indeed. Everybody wants to get better in life, becomes healthier, wealthier, and in this Heartwheel journal case – getting our heart closer to Allah, which is the best goal of all!

However, how would we know we are making any progress, or how can we manage our improvements if we do not take steps to actively measure and inspect our progress? That is why I really love this Heartwheel journal because it allows me to do just that.

See for yourself what I mean by downloading it here.