Ramadhan stories for all!

3 09 2008

If you haven’t already known, there’s one special storyteller that has been producing great stories and books for more than a year now!

She is none other than Sis Zabrina, The Life Storyteller.

Her blog, which attracts more than 50, 000 visitors worlwide has been warming our hearts with inspiring and motivational stories derived from day-to-day life events.

Her 2 books, Life is an Open Secret: Think About It and Life is an Open Secret: You, Me and We has been gaining a place in the heart of Malaysian readers, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike!

Sis Zabrina has decided to post daily stories on her blog during the whole month of Ramadhan.  Isn’t it just great news!

Enjoy your stories lovelies 🙂




4 responses

3 09 2008

tell to her have a more attention to poor people in her stories.
Ramadhan Mubarak.
Your Iranian Muslim brother.

5 09 2008
Friday Links — September 5, 2008 « Muslimah Media Watch

[…] Urban Muslim Women profiles Sis Zabrina, an inspirational […]

5 09 2008

Salaams Sisters – just came across your site from Muslimah MediaWatch – great to see all this activism!

I noticed that you’re based in Malaysia – my family & I have visited KL & Pangkor Island twice & love your country (we’re Pakistani-Americans).

Please try & watch TV9 during Ramadan as Farrah Adeeba, the host, recently visited America to interview a variety of American Muslims across the country. Her interviews will be airing twice/week during Ramadan in Malaysia, I think.

She interviewed my two children & me as co-authors of ‘The American Muslim Teenager’s Handbook’ http://www.theamth.com – I wish we could watch the interview too!

8 09 2008

Salaam Dilara,

We are glad you love Malaysia. Do come back again soon =)

I checked out our your website and that is one great effort on your side too! I wll definitely keep in touch for future collaboration with you.

Till then, Ramadhan Kareem and Happy Fasting!

Naziehah and The Urban Muslim Women Team.

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