Breaking down stereotypes – The Comments

12 07 2008

I am truly pleased reading this piece of article. Living in Malaysia, praise to Almighty, women are given more leadership roles. Perhaps not yet in the realms of religion, but on the other area we seems to be doing quite well.

For example, Dato’ Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, she is the first woman Governor of the Bank Negara Malaysia.   We are proud to have a Muslim woman role model like her. Women, are indeed an asset to all country and it’s up to us to make it known.

I am sure, both Ingrid and Dato’ Dr Zeti Akhtar, must have faced many challenges to arrive at their position now. Similar to us, in our everyday life, challenges came from left and right. However if we stop anytime those challenges came to us, and blame it on our gender, our faith, our circumstance and play victim – we will never be able to achieve anything we set out to achieve.

More than anything, it’s a reminder to myself. For me to persevere and have patience when the going gets tough. Alhamdulillah, we always have these wonderful women, like Ingrid and Zeti Akhtar, to be an inspiration to us all, and to help us along the way.

To read more about Ingrid Mattson:

Ingrid Mattson in Wikipedia

Ingrid Mattson in BBC

To read more about Dato’ Dr Zeti Akhtar:

Finance’s female face

– Naziehah




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