8 07 2008

She prays 5 times a day
She hangs out with her friends on Sunday
She gives sadaqah for the needy
She watches reality tv
She reads the Quran
She swims for fun
She reads, she sings, she cooks
She works in the city, earning her own money
She is sometimes mad,
and sometimes sad
(for working in a city, isn’t always easy)
But she’s always soothed
and her spirit is boosted
because she knows
she can always turn
to the Almighty.

Copyright © Naziehah 2008

This is by no means too good a poem, or a perfect description of an Urban Muslim Women, as Urban Muslim women came from different countries with different lifestyles, and of course, different personalities. However, perhaps the last part of the poem probably unites us in more ways than one.

Our tawheed to the Almighty.




2 responses

10 07 2008

loved the poem..(wave!!!) good job

10 07 2008

Thanks Zoora. Feel free to e-mail me a poem or any writing that you feel good for this blog!

Hope to see you here often! =)

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